• Planting Instruction Use potting compost soil or well composted garden waste.Add compost soil to the planting bags up to the level of the first planting hole and firm gently so that it does not sink later.Position the first plant, the top of planting is outside the planting hole. MORE
  • The 19th Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai J.L Horticulture and Agriculture Supplies will attend the 19th IPM Shanghai on May 10~12, 2017. We will show our full range of greenhouse supplies relevant to the horticulture, agriculture and gardening, farming, welcome you to visit us to discuss business, looking forward to setting up nice business relationship with you. MORE
  • How to Plant Greenhouse Vegetables in autumn and winter? Crop cultivation in autumn and winter, should close the buckle of apical of greenhouse film and shade net in seven days in advance, but the film on both ends and the skirt is not buckled to shelter from the rain and be cooling, and ensure timely planting, and prevent and treat the disease occurrence. Irrigate enough water onto seedbed, uniformly seeding, ground should be covered with sun shading net and straw. Seedling can adopt double net film covering, while about 70% of the seedlings was excavated, should promptly remove the ground covering film or the shade net , and promptly remove wet fine soil covered to prevent the hooded earthed. MORE
  • Plant Seedling tray is the solution when nursery is not coordinated The most headache of many issues encountered in the breeding and seedling is that the seedling growth is uneven so that when transplanting the seedling is not whole. If planting it, the future growth can also cause a great deal of influence. Use seedling tray can reduce this uncoordinated situation, too quickly or too slowly root and shoot growth problems. MORE
  • Basic knowledge of Seedling Tray For the current large-scale farm vegetable greenhouses and flower cultivation base, Seedling tray provides a new greenhouse in the seedling for early production of lots of vegetables, so as to protect seedling germination and later play an important role in the growth process. So the seedling tray in modern agriculture also plays a credited and important role. MORE
  • Benefits of using plant seedling tray With the improvement of living standards, people have higher and higher demands for quality and needs of vegetables. Whether flowers or vegetables, seedling tray is a transformation of modern gardening, provides a guarantee for fast and large volume production.There are many advantages of plant seedling tray: MORE
  • Seedling trays for sale - China Supplier Shanghai J.L Horticulture and Agriculture Supplies Here as below, there are some samples of seedling trays, with detailed pictures and dimensions for your choice. Seedling tray dimensions: 32 holes equipped with seed tray; suitable for Succulent plants and hyacinth; seeding trays home garden or for outside greenhouse. MORE
  • How to set bamboo pole stakes of plant trellis for Luffa? Plant trellis for Loofa, different places have different ways. Some use the herringbone plant trellis stakes support, some use flat canopy (2-meter-high), some buried side seam directly instead of supporting, but better to use a flat roof trellis support. When the main vine reaches 50-65 centimeters in length, vegetable trellis pole stakes support become necessary. Which must be buried and tied tight in case of being blown over by the wind or collapse. Generally, every bed to put up one sets of vegetable trellis, or the entire protected contiguous is also available. Planting in ditches on both sides of the towel gourd, and supporting can be erected in the ditch so that the luffa vine on both sides of centered to climbing the plant trellis. MORE
  • [To buy plant trellis] Planting with Plant Trellis Plantation with plant trellis can be seen everywhere in the landscape, which is on one hand for tourists to rest , on the other hand, create favorable growing conditions for climbing plants. Using climbing plants for afforestation can make up for the shortage of green space, not only beautify the environment, and increasing the green area, good ecological benefits. Today, plant trellis has become popular for vertical plantation for greenhouse, gardens, summer resort, recreation, factories and offices in order to create a good living environment. MORE