• Agricultural film: One film for multiple functions Furrow cover several times usage;Small arch shed first, mulch film later;Old film with new film, and double film covering MORE
  • Agricultural Film: Different types of agricultural films Agricultural film is a general term for plastic films used in agricultural production, playing a very important role for seedling moisture and insulation.With the progress of science and technology, there is increasing demand for the agricultural films, a variety of new films emerging ion the market, now let’s introduce several advanced agricultural film. MORE
  • Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Technology Application in Greenhouse Vegetable Production In addition to nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other trace elements and water needs, the carbon dioxide is also the main and indispensable raw materials for vegetable crops. MORE
  • Dehumidification Measures in Greenhouse Air humidity within the greenhouse is often larger than in open field, and in the wet state, therefore, management is dehumidifying air humidity within the greenhouse. During production the measures of dehumidification are summarized as follows: MORE
  • Prevention Measures for Greenhouse Vegetables Low Temperature and Chill when the outside is substantially cooled, you can temporarily use firewood or coal combustion, directly through the stove, flue and heat to increase the room temperature. MORE
  • Greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide technology Average concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is generally 300-330mg/L, amplitude small. In greenhouse vegetable production in early spring, in order for insulation, installations are in the closed state, the lack of gas exchange within and outside causes larger depth variation of carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide concentration decreased in the facility at noon, near or even below the compensation point, thus make the carbon dioxide be in the deficiency state. MORE
  • How to prevent the toxic gas in the greenhouse? To cultivate vegetables in plastic greenhouse, often caused by improper fertilization methods, ignoring ventilation, and shed toxic gas in excess, it makes damage to vegetables and often being misdiagnosed as disease, thus resulting in poor or even total destruction. MORE
  • Vegetable greenhouse construction The North area is focus on sunlight greenhouse, namely plastic agricultural film greenhouses. Its skeleton made of the main two materials: natural bamboo poles, stakes and metal steel pipe. Currently, most farmers will choose bamboo poles as the main structure considering lower-cost. In contrast, steel shed has more obvious advantages, long life, strong resilience, but cost more, so lot of farmers are not acceptable. MORE
  • Vegetables Greenhouse Cost Analysis Wall based construction is lower-cost, and the main construction contents for building is earth pile up. If you need to beam the former walls and beams at the top of the back wall sections. Retaining walls as the wall body has good insulation properties, which is superior to the brick base and relatively low construction costs. But retaining wall as a basis, the drawback is the land utilization rate is too low, generally 60%~70% of the general access to land. In addition, wall waterproof performance is poor, if the drainage issue performs badly, after rain washed for a long time, easily to cause wall collapses and bring about greenhouse plant losses. MORE