• Greenhouse Garden Supplies In Planting Market Nowadays, gardening has been gradually integrated into people's lives. More and more people pay attention to home gardening design, thus, greenhouse garden supplies now are in great demand. Greenhouse garden supplies as a rookie plays an critical part in the planting supplies market and be a new growth point. MORE
  • The Necessity Of Buying Windbreak Netting Because there are no wind dust-controlling measures for windbreak dust suppression, it is often neglected by environmental protection department. According to the regulations on environmental protection in our country, excessive dust pollutant discharge fee will be charged. MORE
  • New Environmental Protection Solution-Blown Film Technology In recent years, with the improvement of environmental requirements, as well as the improvement of the packaging functional requirements, the relevant technology of environmental protection multilayer film enjoys persistent overheating. MORE
  • Small Irrigation Pipe Flow Small irrigation pipe flow refers to the manifold after drilling to install turbulators at the other end of the capillary length turbulence mounted, a direct crop roots irrigation methods. MORE
  • Plant Tray Used In The Northeast's Most Beautiful High-Speed Rail Swimming across the Songhua Lake, going through the Red Valley, touring over Lake, coming to Changbai Mountain, crossing the Tumen River and finally reaching Hunchun...Ji-Tu Hui-upcoming opening railway is known as the most beautiful high-speed rail in northeast of China. MORE
  • Plant Tray For Water Storage and Drainage Plant tray for water storage and drainage is a kind of plant which is used for vegetables cultivation. The plant tray is made of food grade PP material manufacturing and cultivate plants by imported good grade pp material. Timer switch of this kind of plant tray connect with faucet and the other end connect to 16mmPE pipes and 16mm nano infiltration. MORE
  • Shade Screen Shade screen also called the shading network is a kind of newest cover material popular in recent 10 years used for farming, fishing, animal husbandry, windproof, covering soil. Shade screen have a light, rain, moisture, the cooling stop effect in summer. Besides, shade screen also has insulation and humidifying function in winter. MORE
  • Development Status of Horticultural Supplies Although our horticultural supplies industry in the past decades has made considerable progress, but inner horticultural supplies industries and enterprises still dominated by SMEs, the professional scale level is not high, the mode of operation is OEM-based, independent brand are in scarcity. Situation specific industries as follows: MORE
  • Non-Woven Grow Bag Nonwoven grow bag specialized in solving problems in the seedling raising process such as protecting the seedling roots from consequences caused by seedlings for they are not able to penetrate the container wall and form waterloo roots, crooked roots, thin root, root rot and other shape of root. Grow bag can effectively improve the seed breeding resistance and growth rate, greatly reducing the seedling rate of becoming the “little old tree”. Non-woven grow bag makes seedlings transport more easily and plays a big role in the modern seedling planting. MORE