• The Current Situation and Prospect of China Horticultural Products Market With the development of the world's horticultural products industry, China has become the world's garden supplies manufacturing center, the domestic horticultural industry has developed rapidly, and has... MORE
  • Development Survey of Global Horticultural Products Horticultural appliance is people's daily horticultural production in general. It includes the gardening hand tools, irrigation system, mechanical gardening equipment, decorative gardening articles and materials of horticultural products etc. MORE
  • What is Intelligent Agriculture Intelligent agriculture is the application of the Internet technology in modern agriculture, which mainly has the function of monitoring and controlling system, monitoring system, real-time image and video surveillance. MORE
  • Insect Killer Lamp Technology Insect killer lamp is designed for protecting vegetables from crop pests. According to the best light spread light wave resonance chemical lures principle, insect killer lamp has remarkable effect on killing insects. By this way, insects do not produce resistance and it make no pollution to human and animal. The insect killer lamp are good for balancing ecological fields and suit for the vegetable production safety technical requirements. MORE
  • Biodegradable Agricultural Film Join The Army of Environmental Protection Biodegradable agricultural membrane has the functions and features of the traditional agricultural film and also has long service life. Trough microorganisms of the soil and water or by the effect of the ultraviolet ray in sunshine, the agricultural film can be degraded in natural environment. The agricultural film will finally go back into the ecological environment in the form of reduction which is environmental friendly. MORE
  • Mulch Film On Hazel Seedlings Growth Mulch film is a kind of agricultural cultivation technology with the function of increasing temperature, watering, fertilizing, improving soil physical and chemical properties, increasing soil fertility, inhibiting the growth of weeds, reducing the role of the disease. In the case of continuous rainfall and humidity reduction, mulch film also help promote plant growth and development, early flowering results, increase production, reduce the labor costs, and so on. MORE
  • Greenhouse Cooling-Shade Netting Farmers are quiet familiar with the shade net. But if choose inappropriately, or to cover a long time, the greenhouse will relatively be in a weak light environment long time which will do side effect on plant growing and also do harm for vegetables growth. So how to choose and use shade netting is a problem. MORE
  • Nursery House Good Helper - Metal Stakes Nursery House made of metals is more advanced than traditional nursery house with spacious interior and convenient operation which can cover multi-layer insulation curtain available to light. These metals stakes are well organized so the nursery house have strong antisnow capability. Besides these metal stakes can be used more than 10 yeas. Furthermore, just metal stakes can make a greenhouse. It is convenient and not complicated. MORE
  • Methods of Planting Tomato-Using Tomato Supports Tomatoes are bound to have tomato supports since the tomato plant stems are not hard enough. So it is important to make tomato supports when its weight increase. Through the using tomato supports, tomatoes can grow better with higher yield. MORE