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Basic knowledge of Seedling Tray



For the current large-scale farm vegetable greenhouses and flower cultivation base, Seedling tray provides a new greenhouse in the seedling for early production of lots of vegetables, so as to protect seedling germination and later play an important role in the growth process. So the seedling tray in modern agriculture also plays a credited and important role.


Let’s have a detailed introduction of this seedling tray. If you encounter such a thing in our gardening and planting how to deal with it?


In many of today's market environment, especially for a lot of factories engaged in flower cultivation, to foster short with good growth of flower seedlings must rely on seedling tray.


Seedling tray is a groove-like tray, covered with uniform shape cells in the tray, with the best use of nutrient solution in certain cases, it can be very good for the guarantee of survival rate of seedlings for the purpose of production cost reduction.


Seedling tray is usually a one-time cultivation tray, often with no reuse value after use, which is produced by polyethylene composition, with characteristics of light weight and mobility.


Many of the greenhouses in the current production, as well as indoor planting, lots of seedling trays, due to low cost and high survival rates, have become more and more popular, further bringing low cost and convenience for more people.


Along with the development, our life will be better and better, our production will be more efficient, with more knowledge of the seedling tray, you can go to our website for better understanding.



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