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  • Plant Seedling tray is the solution when nursery is not coordinated

Plant Seedling tray is the solution when nursery is not coordinated





The most headache of many issues encountered in the breeding and seedling is that the seedling growth is uneven so that when transplanting the seedling is not whole. If planting it, the future growth can also cause a great deal of influence. Use seedling tray can reduce this uncoordinated situation, too quickly or too slowly root and shoot growth problems.


Besides the above guarantee, in daily nursery, also note the below in order to guarantee the regularity and the survival rate of seedlings.


1. Reduce average daily temperature: 10 c to 26 c temperature range, reducing the average daily temperature, you can control the growth rate of seedlings. But attention is required, the root growth rate would be slowed along with the decrease of average daily temperature. Internode length in most crops is mainly determined by the temperature difference between the day and night.


2. Moisture control: most of the flowers and plants seedlings growth after the second phase, should ensure that media has dry process between each watering in order to promote full root growth.


3. Select appropriate fertilizer: use fertilizer containing calcium nitrate and high nitrate can prevent plants leggy, and ensure plant growth when nitrogen demand; calcium can keep the cell wall thickness to ensure normal cell division and elongation. Need to be aware of high nitrate-nitrogen and high alkaline calcium fertilizer use after a period of time should adjust the pH value of medium. 


4. Increase light intensity: in a certain scope to increase light intensity will increase photosynthesis, thus providing more carbohydrates for root growth. Studies have shown that when the light intensity reaches 16200 to 33000 Lux, the leaf and root can share carbohydrates to meet growth needs. During the winter and early spring, the light intensity of natural conditions is difficult to meet the demand, light should be implemented.


5. The use of chemical growth regulators: practice shows that some seedling tray for some types of flower using growth regulating substances, and efficient control of above-ground growth at the same time, the root growth is beneficial.


Above is to avoid uncoordinated growth occurs during roots growth with the use of seedling tray. Hope the knowledge is helpful for your cultivation.


If you encounter any special problems to use seedling tray or other greenhouse supplies, please feel free consult us.