Tomato Supports Metal Cage


Material:  galvanized steel wire


Color:  green color or other color


Size:  can be customzied


galvanized steel wire



* high strength,strong stiffness;                  

* flex with wind,rustproof;                

* longer using life;          

* easy to use           



green color or other color



plastic coated



packed on pallet or piled up into container.



can be customized



These spiral stakes are mainly used for tomato supports, and also are Excellent for supporting heavy perennials like peonies, lilies, asters etc. The support help the plants upright and healthy growing.


Our advantage:

* We choose good quality of low carbon steel material, electro and hot dipped galvanized coating or PE coating, colors can be as your needs.

* Strictly quality control, we check the product quality and be sure the batch production quality same as the approved. 

* Check the production loading properly.

* Tracking the producing time, taking care of delivery as schedule.



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