Greenhouse Cooling System


“Cooling pad + ventilation fan” tunnel ventilation is the most economical and efficient cooling way in greenhouses and in farms in summer. 

Reasonable design and installation of cooling pad with ventilation fan can control the temperature in the greenhouse and in the poultry house even at the hottest weather. It can reduce the negative effect of high temperature to the minimum. 


The temperature difference test between the Wet-bulb and dry bulb:

Temperature of the dry bulb and the wet bulb is different at any time in the outside. Temperature of the dry bulb is high, and that of the wet bulb is 

lower. In hotter weather, the bigger temperature gap between dry bulb and wet bulb.


The ventilation fans adopt CAD optimization to design air volume, keep the air flow, and to maintain the temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide 

concentration in greenhouse in a relative uniform condition. Please review the detail introduction in the page of Greenhouse fans. 

The Evaporative Cooling System is accomplished at the paper pad. This cooling pad is made of corrugated fiber paper which is covered by thin layer waterfilm. When the outside hot air passes through the paper, water on the thin film will absorb the heat in the air and evaporate into vapor. And the cool and humid air will enter the room. The processing is just like the wind blowing through the water level. Please review the detail introduction in the page of Evaporative Cooling Pad.


Installation of Cooling System 

The cooling pad can be installed on the one side of transverse wall, and ventilation fans are on the other side of transverse wall, it is called transverse way installation. If the cooling pad and ventilation fans are installed in lengthway, it is called lengthway installation. Both ways of installation can make good cooling effect. See pictures.




Greenhouse Fans

Greenhouse Fans

The fan consists of blades, motor, frame, protect net, support frame and shutters.
Evaporative Cooling Pad

Evaporative Cooling Pad

The cooling process of Evaporative Cooling System is accomplished at the paper pad.
Wet curtain cooling system

Wet curtain cooling system

Wet curtain cooling system with Cooling Pad and ventilation fans is a new type of energy saving cooling equipment. It has the advantages of the simple structure, large production capacity, low price, low power consumption, fresh air, good cooling effect.