Grow Bag, Tray, Container

Plant tray, also called seedling tray, plant container, sprouting tray, is ideal for starting seeds and transplanting seeding, suitable for both manual and automatic planting. There are variety sizes of the length, width, depth and many different shapes and quantities of cells, to meet your various seedling needs, they are easy to use and remove, durable and reusable. The material is durable, Eco-friendly, heat-resistance, anti-corrosion. And these plant trays are used for propagating flowers, vegetables, and other plant from seeds in greenhouse. 


Grow Bag, Plant Bag 


1.Strawberry grow bag

This strawberry grow bag is a low cost solution with planting pockets, and eyeleted drainage holes. 

Drainage holes prevent excess water from accumulation.


2.Potato Grow Bag

This plant bag is ideal for growing potatoes in small gardens, patios and decking. Strong carry handles for easy repositioning. It is suitable for growing varieties of potatoes. The potato plant bag has opening flat at the base to allow access for the potatoes.

Size: D*H - 36*51cm, or customized size. 

Material: PE woven

Description: 2 carry handles, 8 drainage holes 

Color: orange, green, etc.


3.Carrot and Root Vegetable Grow Bags 

Size: L*W*H 45*30*30cm, or customized size. 

Material: PE woven, 90g-200g

Description: 2 PP tube, 4 drainage holes 

Color: Green, etc.

The Carrot Plant Bag is designed specifically for using on patios and balconies, or in small gardens. Simply add compost, seeds, feed and water to the planter.

The carrot plant bag has sufficient depth to allow carrots to grow in a good size. 


4.Felt Plant Bag is ideal for plant tomatoes, peppers, herbs, vegetables in greenhouses, patios and all sizes of gardens. No digging, no weeding, no chemicals. The plant bag is made from strong felt and base holes for good drainage. 

Material: 100% Felt, durable and re-usable, Full UV protection against the sun for longer life

Color: black, green, etc.

Plant Tray

Plant Tray

These plant trays with large cells are great for propagating flowers and vegetables. They are widely used in the greenhouse.
Plant Seedling Tray

Plant Seedling Tray

These plant seedling trays are used for growing of sprouted bean, rice seedling and other plant seedling, the trays with holes for draining extra water. They are mainly used in the greenhouse.
Phalaenopsis Plant Tray

Phalaenopsis Plant Tray

These Phalaenopsis plant trays with different quantities of cells are the ideal for phalaenopsis seedling transplanting in the greenhouse.
Grow Bag, Plant Bag

Grow Bag, Plant Bag

Material: PP or PE woven material, or Felt fabric material, and Aluminum or brass eyelets.Specification: sizes and designs can be customized, and special specification can be made according to the request of customers. Some growing bags have planting pockets and drainage holes.